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Non-technical documentation for elvex users

22 articles
What are Apps and how do I use them?Learn what Apps are, how to create them, and why the are valuable in elvex.
What is the event log?The event log is a record of every AI interaction processed through elvex, whether through our user interface or API.
What are Datasources and how do I use them?
What is Elvex?An high-level overview of the Elvex platform.
Inviting and managing usersInstructions for how to invite new users and manage existing users.
FAQ - Understanding elvex
What is the Playground?Learn what the playground is and how to use it.
How are Datasources stored?Helpful information for information security teams on how elvex processes and stores data.
Using the elvex APIInformation on the elvex API and access to the API reference
Knowledge for your AI app: App instructions vs data sourcesWhen creating a new app in elvex, it's important to use the right methods to provide your app with the knowledge it needs. Here's how!
Roles and permissionsUnderstand how access to apps and datasources are governed within elvex.
Using Data Analysis Tools in elvex AppsThe data analysis feature in elvex allows apps to analyze data and attached spreadsheets in order to execute SQL queries.
Intelligent SearchIntelligent Search allows your app to determine when and what to search for across connected datasources.
File Attachments in Conversationselvex allows users to attach files to messages within conversations, enabling apps to access and process the attached files.
Using Web Browsing Tools in elvex Appselvex apps can be configured to search the web and read content from specific URLs, enhancing their functionality and information access.
Adding an AI ProviderThis article explains how to connect elvex with AI Providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, and others, so you can make use of their LLMs.