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Using the elvex API

Information on the elvex API and access to the API reference

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What can the elvex API can be used for?

The elvex API can be used to access the apps that are available in your elvex account so you can integrate these apps into other platforms or workflows. For example, you may have an app that functions as a customer support copilot that you'd like to integrate with the support ticketing system you're using. The elvex API can help you bring the copilot app into the natural workflow for the customer support team.


All endpoints require API key credentials provided via HTTP bearer tokens.

GET /endpoint HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <your API key>

You can create a new API key in your elvex account by heading to Settings > API Keys and click Create an API key. You can also manage existing tokens form this page.

API Documentation

Please refer to our API documentation to see a full reference as well as guides we'll continue to develop over time.

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