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What is Elvex?

An high-level overview of the Elvex platform.

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Elvex helps companies adopt and scale generative AI applications with security, transparency, and ease of use.


Elvex is built to the highest standards of cybersecurity and data privacy to ensure your data stays safe in transit and at rest. Admins can manage which platforms, models, and apps are enabled for use across the business, and can also enable filters to prevent data leakage to AI models being accessed.


Analytics provide an extra layer of data leakage protection and the unified account access system makes it easy for users to identify and scale new workflows.

Ease of use

Business users have access to a universal chat interface which allows you to chat with multiple AI platforms and models through a single hub. It's also possible to create custom chatbots by simply using natural language instructions so you can fully customize your AI experience.

Developers can easily swap models for testing purposes or as a fallback to reduce operational risk caused by being fully dependent on a single platform for critical applications. Any apps created by Elvex users are accompanied by an API, making it extremely easy to plug into apps that were created by colleagues across the business.

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