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What is the event log?
What is the event log?

The event log is a record of every AI interaction processed through elvex, whether through our user interface or API.

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What data is captured in the event log?

Every time you click "send" on a prompt or submit a prompt through the elvex API, the following information is recorded for analytics purposes.

  • Requested At - Timestamp of when the message was sent in your local timezone.

  • Duration - How long it took the system to generate a full response to the initial prompt.

  • Type - One of Text, Image, Video, Audio, or other modalities.

  • User - The user, IP Address, browser, and operating system that submitted the message.

  • Provider - The AI Platform and model that received the message and generated the response.

  • App - The elvex app that was used in the chat.

  • Request - The full message, along with instructions and history, that was sent to the AI platform in order to generate a response.

  • Response - The full message received from the AI platform in response to the message sent by the user.

  • Redaction Triggered - This icon will appear only if the message triggered elvex to redact information in the message before sending the request to the AI platform.

Who has access to the event log?

Only Admin users on the account have access to the event log meaning that any elvex Admin user at your company can view activity from across all users on the platform.

However, in the future, requests made via private Apps will not show the details of the request or response in the event log. Admins will only be able to see that a request was made, but not the specifics of what was sent or received.

Event Log Options

Full Details: All data available to admin users, including full prompt and response for each event.

Summary Details Only: Admins can see a list of all events, but no prompt and response details.

Disabled: No users have any visibility into any of the event log features.

Event Log settings are not currently adjustable in elvex directly by users. If you want these settings changed for your company, contact us at [email protected].

Other Functionality

  • Search - Find event logs for specific messages using the search bar

  • Apps Filter - Find event logs only associated with a specific elvex app(s)

  • Model Filter - Find event logs only associated with a specific models that received / sent the messages

  • Date Filter - Find event logs only within a specified period of time

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