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What is the Playground?
What is the Playground?

Learn what the playground is and how to use it.

Updated over a week ago

The Playground is where you can view all prior conversations you've initiated with any app. You can also start a new conversation from the Playground.

Accessing Prior Conversations

When you click into the Playground tab, you'll be able to scroll to view all prior conversations you've started in elvex. If you want to jump back into that conversation, simply click the conversation and you'll be taken to the chat interface where you can view the full history. When you return to it later, even after a long while, the AI will remember all the previous messages. This history is important because it allows the AI to understand the context and offer more coherent and relevant responses. By retaining the conversation history, you can easily continue the ongoing discussion right where you left off without having to repeat everything.

Starting a New Conversation

If you want to start a new conversation from the Playground, click the "Start a new chat" button. A chat window will open up, prompting you to select an app to use for your chat. This is a required step to start a new conversation. Once you've selected the app and entered your message, clicking "Send" will bring you to the chat interface where you'll soon have a response to your initial prompt.

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